Cecilia’s Story

With 12 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren along with daily worship, frequent exercise, and volunteering at her local senior center, Cecilia’s life was busy. Five years ago, though,she began suffering severe pain in her legs, waking at night with shooting sensations. She found it difficult to walk and was unable to enjoy her many activities.

Cecilia was referred to a surgeon, who informed her that amputation was inevitable due to the 100% blockages in both legs. Fortunately, Cecilia’s daughter read a newspaper article about peripheral artery disease. A quick internet search led her to an interventional cardiologist who specialized in laser ablation for PAD.

Excimer laser ablation cleared the blockages in Cecilia’s legs. She walked immediately following the procedure and has suffered no continued leg pain. Cecilia says, “It’s like having my life back. The most amazing thing is not thinking about my legs anymore. I’m living again.”


Angela’s Story




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These statements are experiences of a patients who received laser atherectomy for the treatment of peripherial artery disease (PAD). Please remember the experiences are specific to these particular people. Not everyone who receives atherectomy will receive the same results as the patients in these stories.