The right solution … every time

Spectranetics’ broad portfolio of lead extraction options

Spectranetics is committed to helping you manage every lead—safely, predictably and responsibly. That’s why our portfolio of lead extraction solutions encompasses safe, proven laser technology and next-generation mechanical tools.

With Spectranetics, you’ll have the right device for any lead extraction situation.

There are 13 million leads worldwide and another 1.4 million implanted each year. The need for lead management is growing; proactive management is essential to patient health.

A proactive, robust lead management program — making the right decision at the right time for each patient – can reduce risk and save lives.

Spectranetics provides a broad portfolio of tools for laser and next-generation mechanical lead extraction to help you manage every lead safely, predictably and responsibly, backed by the training and service you’ve come to expect.



GlideLight™ Laser Sheath

Safely and efficiently removing leads depends on tools that give you versatility and control. GlideLight offers the unprecedented ability to customize the laser repetition rate so you can use less force and advance more efficiently through tough binding sites.



 TightRail™ Rotating Mechanical Dilator Sheath

Flexibility meets control in mechanical lead extraction. Next-generation design advances offer control, safety and precision in lead extraction.

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SightRail™ Manual Mechanical Dilator Sheath Set

Features printed indicators for bevel orientation and alignment, plus a longer outer sheath for ease of manipulation.

SLS™ II Laser Sheath

The  SLS II Laser Sheath is intended for use as an adjunct to conventional lead extraction tools in patients suitable for transvenous removal of chronically implanted pacing or defibrillator leads constructed with silicone or polyurethane outer insulation.



LLD1Lead Locking Devices

The LLD is intended for use in patients suitable for transvenous removal of chronically implanted pacing or defibrillator leads having an inner lumen and using a superior venous approach.


PrintVisiSheath Dilating Sheath

VisiSheath may be used alone as an independent sheath for dilating tissue surrounding cardiac leads or as an enhanced outer support sheath in conjunction with compatible inner sheaths, such as SLS® II Laser Sheath.


CVX-300® Excimer Laser System

Spectranetics manufactures and markets the only excimer laser system and disposable catheters for the treatment of peripheral and coronary arterial disease and lead extraction and management.