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When removing the lead is the right choice, choose the Spectranetics Lead Locking Device (LLD®) and make it EZ!

LLD EZ® combines the best of the original LLD family and enhanced tip design with new ease-of-use features to provide a flexible traction solution for leads targeted for removal today.

EZ Sizing

LLD EZ accommodates a wide range of leads with inner lumen diameters from 0.015″ (0.38mm) to 0.023″ (0.58mm).

EZ Locking and Unlocking

Only Spectranetics’ Lead Locking Device technology provides a stable traction platform by deploying a braided mesh to lock securely along the entire lead lumen. LLD provides proven1 capability to unlock and reposition after initial deployment.

EZ Tracking

Flexible platinum-iridium tip design and sleek profile facilitate tracking and passage through tightly curved leads and past some points of lead lumen damage.

EZ Viewing

Highly visible radiopaque marker assists identification of LLD EZ tip location under fluoroscopy.



For the complete listing of indications, contraindications, warnings and adverse events, please see the Instructions For Use.



1. Kennergren, C., et al. (2000). Cardiac lead extraction with a novel locking stylet. Journal of Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology, 4(4), 591-593.