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Spectranetics strives to deliver world class training and education programs as part of our ongoing commitment to procedural safety and successful outcomes in lead extraction.

With a tailored curriculum in a variety of settings, we are dedicated to helping you achieve the level of preparedness and confidence you desire in order to offer comprehensive lead management options to your patients.

Procedural Training Green - Upcoming Events

  • Observational training at a Center of Excellence
  • Proctored training
  • Advanced training courses

Education Programs and Resources

  • Lead management symposia
  • Complication prevention and management programs
  • Roundtable educational events
  • Fellows education program
  • Web-based education resources
  • Conferences and events

Hands-On Tools and Resources

  • Computerized simulation
  • Tissue model simulation
  • Lead preparation model


For additional information regarding any of our training courses, please contact your local sales representative.