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Support, Cross, Exchange, Confirm

Quick-Cross® Support Catheters were the first support catheters designed around the wire to receive FDA clearance.  Since approval in 2004, the market leading Quick-Cross product line has helped thousands of physicians cross tortuous anatomy, allow for exchange of guidewires, and provide a conduit for delivery of saline and diagnostic contrast agents.

Translucent Shaft

  • Easy visualization of blood confirms luminal access
  • Targeted injection of contrast and delivery of saline solutions

Low Profile Tapered Tip

  • Seamless catheter-to-guidewire transition
  • Facilitates crossing of CTOs and challenging lesions
  • Smooth tracking through tortuous anatomy and diffuse disease

Triple Markers

  • Assess lesion length
  • Confirm catheter positioning


For the complete listing of indications, contraindications, warnings and adverse events, please see the Instructions For Use.