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Turbo-Tandem™ integrates proven Spectranetics technologies to ablate plaque above the knee, restoring blood flow to the lower extremities. Combining a laser guide catheter with an excimer laser atherectomy catheter, Turbo-Tandem offers physicians the ability to precisely target the lesion. The angled ramp allows for circumferential guidance and positioning of the laser catheter within the vessel, and the spring-loaded handle with variable settings greatly simplifies use of the device for repeated passes through the vessel.


  • Whether a long diffuse lesion or a small focal lesion, Turbo-Tandem can treat with predictable, proven results
  • Turbo-Tandem can be combined with a Turbo Elite™ catheter to cross a chronic total occlusion before debulking the artery
  • Six-point ramp positioning options for better control


  • The most published atherectomy method with over 70 peer reviewed journals supporting the efficacy and safety of laser atherectomy technology treating at the molecular level in both above and below the knee lesions
  • Freedom from TLR of 77% for all patients, 85% in the stented group (CELLO)1
  • No major adverse events in the pivotal study (CELLO) of laser atherectomy technology for the approval of the Turbo-Tandem system at six months1,3

Procedural Efficiency And Cost Effectiveness2

  • With only one pass needed per quadrant, and no need to empty a nosecone or cool down a spinning burr, Turbo-Tandem can save time during your case
  • No special wires or exact mix of lubricant needed to use Turbo-Tandem
  • Turbo-Tandem is guaranteed. Spectranetics will provide a free replacement Turbo-Tandem catheter system if a physician uses the catheter and it falls short of the physician’s expectations


1 Dave, R.M., Patiola, R., Kollmeyer, K., Bunch, F., Weinstock, B.S., Dippel, E., et al. Excimer laser recanalization of femoropopliteal lesions and 1-year patency: Results of the CELLO Registry. Journal of Endovascular Therapy, 16, 665-676.

2 Based on 2005-2010 IMS data and 2011 reimbursement rates.

3 Atherectomy or any other surgical procedure has inherent risks. For a completing listing, see the IFU.

For the complete listing of indications, contraindications, warnings and adverse events, please see the Instructions For Use.